Ranch Pony for Auction in Byers, Texas ~ Kid-tested ~ Auction ends Aug 27th

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Byers, TX, USA


August 12, 2023


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Punchy the Pony stands 12.2 ft tall, weighs 800lbs, is 3 years old, and is a SAINT of a pony. He is QUIET, CALM, and SAFE!!!

He has been kid tested and approved from the ground up. Punchy is more woah than go and will pack even the most beginner of riders around. He has been used in all aspects of the ranch by both kids and myself. We have hauled him everywhere and he is just as gentle and quiet no matter how much commotion around him.

Traffic, dogs, quad, goats, cattle… etc! He will go over and through anything and does not spook or react over things. Punchy has absolutely no fresh to him, no buck to him, and noooo pony attitude at all. He has rock hard solid bare feet and is 100% sound.

He will go out alone or follow a lead horse and can be ponied off of another horse or you can even pony another horse off of him. He will walk, trot, and lope but is very content to just walk. You can crawl underneath of him, throw a tarp over him or under him, cattle can run up behind him or run at him… he does not waiver. I cannot say enough good things about this guy. He does not get buddy sour and could care less about going back to the barn.

We trust this pony hole heartedly with our 3 year old with brushing, washing, leading, saddling and ponying him anywhere.

For more info, feel free to call/text Holland Horse Company, Chanel 559-978-6320. Located in Byers, TX. We are happy to answer questions and help arrange shipping nationwide!


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Starting Bid $3500

Auction Starts August 13th and ends August 27th